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Permanent Entry for all of my vids

This entry is an ever evolving list of all the vids I have ever made. As I upload them I aim to add them to this list. If you have any recommendations for songs to cover - please leave them in the comments. Comments are always welcomed and in fact asked for (just be nice :) )
If you would like to download the vids for your own perusal - ask and I can always send you a link to them!

Crash and Burn Song by Savage Garden (Not available in Germany alternate video available HERE Kara/Lee, Battlestar Galactica

Rolling in the Deep - Song By Adele - Kara/Lee - Battlestar Galactica - Download Link

Illuminated a SGARewind Promo Vid (Full Length) - Song by Hurts - Promo vid for the Siege Pt 2 - Stargate Atlantis 

Apocalypse Please - Song by Muse - Team Vid - Stargate Atlantis

SGARewind Promo, Song for Holly (46 seconds) - Song by Esthero - Promo/Team vid - Stargate Atlantis

Play Dead - Song by Bjork - Kara/Leoben (Creepy vid) - Battlestar Galactica

Into Dust - Rodney McKay Fanvid for the episode The Shrine - Song by Mazzy Star - Rodney McKay - Stargate Atlantis