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Beautiful History epilogue

Title Beautiful History Epilogue
Author angelicalangie
Summary: Events on New Caprica return to haunt Kara
Characters Lee, Kara, Cottle, Adama, Sam, Helo, Leoben, Simon, OFC.
Rating Teen
Length: 11,882
Warnings Light dub-con, definitely an amount of Stockholm Syndrome in the beginning. Mentions of Kara's relationship with her mother. Mentions of “The Farm”. If I have left anything else out, I am really sorry

Author's Note: At Pilot's Presents, this fic was in two parts, due to LJ being a little insane, it wouldn't let me repost in two parts and have thus had to separate the epilogue from the second half. It is however exactly as we read over there

Beautiful History Part One

Beautiful History Part Two


Kara sits at the clearing and brushes the dirt from the stone monument, as her mind drifts back. She thinks about Sam, who returned after being killed in a storm swearing blind that he had seen Earth and was going to guide them. He had passed the 'Cylon detector' that Baltar had put together, it was only later that they realised he not only was a Cylon, but had passed because he was different from Cylons they had previously seen.

Kara thinks on the events that transpired, of the 'final five', found Earth at the directions she pro-vided when Sam had come to her saying there was something wrong or different with the Viper. Finally they had found this planet, this new home and all because some frakker had jolted into Kara as she had typed the jump co-ordinates. That was how Galactica alone had found their home Earth.

Kara smiled, it was as the fates she thinks, and smiles just a little bit more. The fates gifted her Tha-lie and Lee and a life she never thought she could ever have nd how they found their new Earth. She thinks of the friends they lost and the ones that they have created a family with. She smiles, stands and moves away, remembering those that aren't with her. She leaves in her wake a wreath and a sadness that so many could not have made it, looking at the date on the memorial, she shakes her head – it is hard to believe it has only been a couple years since they settled here.

* * *

Grass sways around their legs as they walk up the hill, the breeze taking the edge off of the heat that the day has wrought upon them. Ahead is a small child no more than three or four, dancing to music only she can hear, blonde hair flying hither and thither. Her mother smiles beatifically at the child, motherhood giving her a patience she’s never had. Ahead of them is a house, behind them a valley with a bubbling freshwater stream and flat grassland.

The two of them are joined by a man who loops his arms around the mother's waist. It is a loving gesture and it is also supportive. Her size makes the hill a more difficult prospect than usual. The young child reaches the dwelling and beckons for her parents to come home. Mother and father laugh and walk as fast as they both can.

As they reach the top of the hill, Lee feels Kara's back stiffen. He looks at her face and sees that her expression also bears some of the tension her body is showing. He follows her gaze and sees the reason for her tension, and feels some of the worry that she’s no doubt feeling.

“I have to talk to him.” Kara said quietly.

“Why? I know he’s Thalie's father, but ...” Lee drifts off. He has always assumed that the concep-tion of Thalie wasn't exactly romantic.

“It will be fine. He won't hurt me.” There is a strength Kara's voice that Lee knows he doesn't have in this particular situation. Kara looks at Lee and smiles. “He never did, and it is a situation I am doing my best to bury as deeply as I can. The best we can do is just deal with him.” Lee looks at Kara and doesn't even know what to say.

They reach the top of the hill and their home. Lee looks at Kara and notices that her jaw is set and realises that he won't be able to sway her. Thalie looks at the man and whilst she is not afraid, she knows that he is different. Lee walks up behind the little girl he has called his since before her birth and scoops her up into his arms, walking around Leoben as the man stares at the child who has some of his own features. Lee walks into the home he and Kara have made to questions from his daughter about the blonde man at their door.

“Just someone your mama knows,” he replies and hopes it will quell the little girl’s questions. What he doesn't know is that Leoben projects that he is their protector and he is only there to ensure that her mama, her daddy and herself are safe and well. She doesn't question her daddy's explanation, and he thinks he is the one that answered her.

“Leoben,” Kara says, her posture stiff as if she’s expecting something from him.

“She's mine,” Leoben says reverently.

“She is my child. Lee and I are her parents and that is all she has ever known. I am not changing that for your frakked up so-called love for me.” Kara feels her hackles rise as he watches her and eyes the obvious swell of her abdomen.

“I was wrong.” It's a gentle admission.

“She doesn't know you are her father, Lee is the only father she has ever known. Athena helps her with the Cylon aspects of herself,” Kara says, looking Leoben in the eye. Over his shoulder she sees Thalie looking out the window at herself and Leoben.

“You're a family. I always saw her in the stream, knew she was mine even. When I saw that you would hold me in your arms and tell me you loved me I thought we would be together.” He looks at her, but it is plain to see that he has given up now he has seen the family.

“So now what?” Kara asks, relaxing.

“So now I move on, like you. I move on, but I will be watching out for you all. I don't want any-thing or anyone hurting her, Kara, that includes the new child, yourself and her daddy. I just want to be around enough to make sure she is safe and well. I won't abduct her.” He goes from resigned planning to pleading for more than exclusion.

“I can't stop you, I don't really have the means. I do ask that you are only ever on the periphery. I think you owe me that much.” Kara stands her ground, she knows deep down that this is the very most she will ever give him.

“That's fair. I wish you well, Kara.” He walks past her, not touching her, knowing that it is unwel-come, and heads towards the river and the forest that is off in the distance.

Kara exhales, lets go of the past, lets go of the moment that she had known was going to happen and walks into the home she has made with Lee. Smiling, she raises a hand when he looks up from setting the kettle over the fire. He remains there, fussing over it for a moment more before standing and walking over to Kara and kissing her softly.

“Is everything all right?” He looks into her eyes to see if she is troubled, she smiles gently.

“Yes, everything is fine, he just wants to watch out for us all. I told him that was fine, so long as he was on the periphery,” Kara says, looking Lee in the eye.

He nods and wraps an arm around her shoulders, pulling her into a one arm hug, the most he really can do, given the lateness in her second pregnancy. Thalie gets up from her perch at the window and walks to her parents, she looks at them both and then hugs her mother’s legs – not yet tall enough to get much higher. Kara looks with her mind’s eye at the life she has now, and realises this was the best that she could have dreamed of, and knows deep down that she is truly blessed.